My presents

My presents

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pantry RE-do!

I always get inspired by organizational they make my mind spin with ideas and get excited about organizing areas of my home. I got inspired this week with my KITCHEN. I had ordered some chalkboard contact paper (which I did not know even existed until Pinterest!) from amazon HERE. I then began to research different ways to use chalkboard paper in your kitchen and found many helpful ideas and some great inspiration.

I stumbled upon THIS BLOG and even though I did not end up using my chalkboard paper in the same way, she gave me some great tips about redoing my kitchen pantry! So, without further ado, here is the before.....and the after.

What I did:

I worked shelf by shelf. I used my microfiber cleaning cloths, and cleaned off all the dust and dirt that had accumulated. Then, I ripped up all the old, yucky, nasty, years old contact paper. It was gross. I am surprised that I never thought to do this before!

I already had some good containers labelled, so I just made sure that everything was in its proper place. I put down contact paper (that I got at the dollar store this morning for $2) on all the shelves and on some of the back wall to make it stand out. 

I replaced all my things in a more organized fashion and then it needed one final touch. So, I took 2 pictures that I had elsewhere in my kitchen and hung them in the pantry. The idea behind this was also the blog above....she actually hung a wreath AND a chandelier.....but since my pantry isn't that big I had to improvise. I would never think to hang pictures in there, but honestly, about half the time it is open. Might as well look like it is a part of my house, right?

YAY! So, I am on board with my new "Use a Pinterest idea once a week" thing.....but so far I have already used quite a few. I have been having fun dreaming!

Oh, and for good is the contact paper. It REALLY works. I highly recommend this product! I love it!

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