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My presents

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Chores for the Chicklets

I have a board on my Pinterest page labelled "Christian Parenting." I usually will pin things there and hope to read them later.....and we all know how "later" goes much of the time. Maybe it is just me? Anyway, I read one on "Kid's Chores." It is located HERE in case you would like to read it.....and it is great so I highly recommend it! I have always been confused about how to get my kids to do chores around the house not just for pay, but because they are members of our family. I also was confused on how MUCH to pay if we paid at all. We have tried out different techniques and paid Ellie but never paid the boys. I realize that one of my main issues as a mom is......



So, I am making a pact, based upon the lovely life that is represented in this blog, to be consistent with making my kids do chores this week. I am responsible for that consistency, while they are responsible for being more than little minions in my home.

1. This week, I am going to clearly state their responsibilities......since we have had "chores" discussions before, they all know what they are required to do, but like I said, I have not been consistent in enforcing anything, OR paying them at the end of the week.

2. Not only am I going to state their responsibilities that will NOT be paid for, I will then talk about their extra chores that if they do until Saturday of next week, I WILL pay for. I like her rule of paying half the child's age, which is what I will introduce.

3. I am gathering them together to talk about attitudes in working "as unto the Lord." We will pray together at the beginning of this week and then there will be clear-cut expectations for what I expect.

I am hoping that this will lead to me being consistent in FOLLOWING weeks, not just this one: but I am only focusing on this one week here to not overwhelm anyone!

If you are interested in my kids chosen chores, here is what we have chosen:

Ellie: Age 10- will get paid $5 on Saturday. Regular responsibilities include: practicing the piano, putting her clothes in the laundry, cleaning up after herself for breakfast, and doing homework
Extra chores: Keeping the main bathroom clean including clutter, toilets and mirrors, cleaning her room top to bottom on Wednesdays and helping set the table for dinner
Extra EXTRA chores: (gets paid extra to earn money for things like "camp" etc.)- Cleaning up poop from the backyard and filling bags of leaves from the front and back yard (we have as many trees as we had in Ohio. Not kidding!)

Tyler: age 6- will get paid $3 on Saturday  Regular responsibilities include: doing homework, getting backpack ready for school, laying out clothes for the next day the night before, cleaning up after himself for breakfast and feeding the dogs
Extra chores: Unloading the dishwasher every day and cleaning his room top to bottom one time per week

Trenton: age 4: Will be paid $2 on Saturday  Regular responsibilities include: cleaning up after himself for breakfast, feeding the dogs, putting trash in the trashcans (working hard on this one!), working with brother to clean room one time per week
Extra chores: Help Mommy pack school lunches and wipe the table off with a rag after dinner.

I am curious to know: how do you handle chores in YOUR family?

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  1. i think this is REALLY good and we need to steal it from you. Blake's current responsibilities include: watering hazel (he can't feed her because she is on a strict diet and can't get too much), clearing off everytthing from the dinner table and bringing it to me, picking up all his toys in the living room every night, and putting away the clean silverware