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My presents

Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to make a skirt out of pants!

On with our sewing kick :) Nice easy, FUN kind of thing! I must tell you that the original idea was posted by THIS BLOG......but I wanted to make it my own, so I did. I will be posting direction according to the skirt that I made so as not to steal ideas! I am not, altogether a creative person.....I usually do not think of ideas on my own. BUT, when someone else does something amazing, I am usually pretty good at doing it, and changing it enough to make it my own!

Here is the finished skirt, to entice you to do this project too :) (Can you tell this little girl loves it???)

What you need to do this project:

old jeans
sewing scissors
sewing machine
washing machine

1. Get your sewing buddy.....somebody cute, preferably fat, and smiles a lot:)

2. Evenly cut the legs off an old pair of jeans.

3. Cut two panels off one of the discarded pant legs, These will be the panels that will be sewn to the front and pack of the skirt. (I used a pair of jeans that had embroidery on it, which looks totally cute sewn into the front panel!)

4. Cut the crotch seams out of the front and back of the jeans.

5. Lay the center panels on the inside of the front and then back, pinning them down. I was going for a frayed look on the front, back and bottom, so sew them with the raw edge down, about 1/4 of an inch from the side.

6. Turn the skirt inside-out and trim the excess material from the center panels. Repeat process for the back.

7. Do another stitch all the way along the bottom to stop the fraying process.

8. Wash and dry in the washing machine. Trim the hanging threads when it is dried.....DONE!

This project is great because it took me a total of 15 minutes to complete, my daughter LOVES it, it used an old pair of jeans that were too short and it is mega-cute! Try it out!


  1. It's posts like these that make me wish that I A-owned a sewing machine and B-knew how to use it. Jr. High Home Ec can only teach you so much. :-)

  2. Come on, Joanna, you can TOTALLY do it!!!! :) My mom laughs at me because when I was young she tried to teach me to sew.....but it didn't "take" until I was married and decided I wanted to learn myself :)

  3. Looks super Adorable!! Love the embroidery details.