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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Book Review: Deadly Echoes

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I have the privilege of reviewing books by Bethany House Publishing Company. I read the book entitled "Deadly Echoes" written by Nancy Mehl. This is the second in the "Finding Sanctuary" series. Had I realized that this book was the second in a   series, of which I had not read the first ,I likely would not have signed up to read it. However,I must say that  the fact that it was a second did not really impact the storyline very much. I actually really loved this book to the extent of wanting to read the first and then continuing on in the series.

Although I read a lot, most of my books that I gravitate towards are historical fiction. This book, however, is set in modern times. I did not know if I would end up enjoying the  novel, however it completely kept my interest throughout as it was a page-turner. Each chapter ended with a cliffhanger and I truly didn't want to put the book down.   Many novels that are suspense-filled mysteries are easily predictable, however I enjoyed the fact that this one  wasn't one that I could predict. There were many twists and turns throughout in order to keep the reader's interest. I have not read anything else written by Ms. Mehl, however I would love to now check out her other works .      

This book takes place in the little town called" Sanctuary," which is where the clever name for the series is derived. Even though the  town is idyllic, the storyline is  not. Though many bad things have happened in the life of  Sarah Miller, she is not exempted from trials as an adult. Her past is filled with loss and tragedy. Just when she is attempting to pick up the pieces, tragedy strikes her life again.  Someone is after her family and   she must now  protect herself and the niece thats he has recently taken in after the brutal murder of her newly found sister.  Though She never set out to be a detective ,she realizes that if she does not find the killer,she and her young niece will be next on his list     .

Ms. Mehl's writing style leaves the reader eager for more . This Was one of those novels that when I completed the last page,I was very sad. I did not want it to end and I greatly look forward to the next in the series . I would recommend beginning with book one in "Finding Sanctuary" series, but if, like me,you stumbled upon this book, fear not.You will not be disappointed.

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