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My presents

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kids Bowl FREE

Last week we did something we have not done in a VERY long time....we went bowling. In fact, the last time I went bowling with anyone, Ellie was an only-child and she was at a birthday party for her 4 year old friend! So, imagine my excitement when I learned about this website:

All you do is go to the website, pick your state, sign up your kids and they send you free coupons for 2 games per week straight to your email!

The catch is that you must pay for shoes, but that is pretty minimal, and if you want to play yourself you also obviously pay for that. BUT, they run another family deal where you pay $25 for the family as a one time offer and you get to play with the kids all summer. I did not do that but if we plan on making this a regular thing it would be well-worth it.

If you have never bowled with kids before, let me offer you a few tips.

1. Bring your camera! Such lovely and fun pictures.
2. Bring hand sanitizer. I have heard not-so-lovely things about what kinds of germs were found in the holes of bowling balls.
3. Call ahead of time to make sure they have the lanes open for when you want to go.....also see if you can be in a lane on the end, not surrounded by people. I won't talk about it now, but I had a bad experience with a disgruntled (bitter, mean) woman who was trying to practice for a tournament and my children were "distracting her." Ah well.
4. Ask to have the bumpers put up. It makes it MUCH more fun for kids if they do not keep getting gutter ball after gutter ball.
5. Our tickets were good until 4:00. The ending time is when the alley will actually END your game, whether or not you are through or not (because they are free tickets). So, give yourself plenty of time before the ticket runs out!
6. Don't plan on being competitive.....plan on having FUN because it really, really is! (especially tiny little bowling shoes that make the tiny ones walk like a duck!)

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